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The most versatile browser-based IDE for creative coding.

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Just Press Play

Just Press Play

AIJS is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Whether you have coding knowledge or not, you can easily find your way around and start creating.

Light Weight

AIJS is optimized to run fast and efficiently, offering all the essential features you need without bloating or slowing down the editor.


AIJS provides a full VFS, modern layout, and a range of tools designed for creative coders such as inline color pickers, gallery tool for batch rendering, graphing tools, and more.

enhance your coding with AI

AI-Powered Editor

The AIJS editor integrates AI to assist you as you code. It can analyze your code, provide suggestions, and help you improve your coding skills.

Multi-AI Support

Seamlessly switch between Claude, GPT, and Gemini mid-conversation to get the best assistance for your coding needs.

AI Chat Page

Use the separate chat page to maintain a history of your AI interactions. Enjoy additional features designed to enhance your non-editor chat experience.

AI Integration

join a creative community

Share or Community

Instant Sharing

Each project has its own URL for the code editor and to run the project as its own site. Share any of your creative coding projects instantly with others.

Publish Projects

You can publish your projects and make them accessible to the public. Showcase your work and inspire others with your creativity.

Explore Community

Explore projects that other users have published. Discover new ideas, learn from others, and be a part of a vibrant coding community.

organize your workflow

GitHub Integration

AIJS provides seamless GitHub integration, allowing you to manage repositories, push updates, and view diffs effortlessly within the IDE.

Import Projects

Easily import projects from GitHub to AIJS. Start working on your existing repositories without any hassle.

GitHub Integration

Project Management

Organize your projects efficiently with AIJS's project management tools. Create, edit, and manage multiple projects with ease.

Manage Projects

Discover the power of AIJS

Explore the editor and see all the additional features designed to enhance your coding experience.